Delivery servers

Delivery servers

Delivery servers are needed in order to send out all the emails from the application.

Even if it’s about sending a confirmation email, an email campaign, a test email, you need a delivery server to actually make the delivery.

Easy-mails comes with support for any SMTP server out there, PHP’s built-in mail function and sendmail.

Also, it integrates with services like SparkpostMailGunAmazon SESSendGridElasticEmailNewsMan and much more in order to make sure you are not limited into using just a single service but you have a wide array of options.
You can use either of them or all of them together.
Easy-Mails gives you total flexibility for this.

The most commonly used is sengrid.
If your account is new: Do not send more than 50 emails an hour, otherwise, you can be on for instance gmails blacklist.

After every campaign, increase your number of emails per hour.
After a month, when people are opening your messages, you can go full power.

Watch the video on how to send this up:


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