A Feedback Loop Server? What is that ?

Every time when the Spam button is pressed by one of your subscribers, the email provider the subscriber belongs to, will send a notification related to that event.  

In order to receive such notifications, you should subscribe for such notifications at the email provider.
Here you can find a list of email providers and their feedback loop subscribe process.

However, most email providers will also send the notifications at one of these 3 addresses:
abuse@domain.com, postmaster@domain.com and fbl@domain.com.

In order for Easy-mails to process these notifications, you need to add feedback loop servers for each email address, either for the one you subscribed at the email provider, or for the 3 listed above.

Please note that when sending only via delivery servers of type web api you don’t need to setup feedback loop servers since these are automatically processed via webhooks.

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