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Setting up SPF and DKIM records are extremely important. You will get better inboxing rates than Aweber, GetResponse and others. To watch a tutorial on what they are and how to set up:   
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The easiest way to pay for your subscription is, of course, PayPal, but what if you need extras or automate your payments? then choose the offline payment option. Benefits are: 1. Your payments are done automatically (cancel anytime), so your service is not unavailable by accident. 2. You get a monthly (VAT) invoice if you need one. 3. You can pay through PayPal, Credit Card, bank transfer, Bitcoin, iDeal (EU customers). 4. You have a Helpdesk account created the same time. 5. You can login your...
When users reply to an email, you can take automatic actions. For instance, when a user complains with a STOP sending me emails, you can automaticly unsubscribe them OR Use this function to move a subscriber to another list, based on answers they are giving
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Where can I find your legal pages? Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy: Prohibited use Policy: Anti Spam Policy: Cookie Policy:  
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Please create your segment(s) first. See this article on how to do that. To avoid the SPAM folder you need to stop mailing your autoresponder messages after a while. Let's say, you want to stop sending autoresponder messages after someone did not open your messages after 30 days, you can decide to ONLY send the rest of the messages to people who actually OPEN your messages. Create a new autoresponder campaign, select your Lst, and then choose...
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There Are several ways to create segments. You can create groups, and send campaigns for only that group. You can create Custom Tags and send to that tag. Insert Tag name:By Creating Segments First goto you list and click the overview button: Now goto the Fields section: Now you can create text fields, Like "Message openers" and "Message clickers" After you have saved them, return to the overview and click the segment button. Create your segments, Like "Openers" and "Clickers" Select the TRIGGER...
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Before you can edit a running campaign, you need to FIRST pause the campaign. After that the UPDATE button is available   
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Although we are constantly working on improving our platform, easy-mails relies on a mission to keep it as the name says: Easy. So although we have some rich features, we don't have things like visual automation builders and other tools the big brands use. Our focus lies on a platform that is easy to use, without the big bells and whistles.
Finally, after your list is created and you have added your subscribers into it, it’s time to create your first campaign. You will be able to select the list you want to use for sending and optionally, a segment from the list. You can add a new template just for the campaign itself or use an existing one. Make sure you test all campaigns before actually sending them, this is crucial. If you want to test your campaign spam score, feel free to use this tool. Once you see everything looks good, se...
Once your email list is created, next step is to start importing your subscribers into the list. In order to do so, just click on your list title from lists area, then click on the Tools box, followed by the Import box. You will be allowed to import from a CSV file, a text file or from another database as described here.